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December 2, 2012
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The Inhabited Island by SharksDen The Inhabited Island by SharksDen
Illustration for Обитаемый остров / Prisoners of Power / The Inhabited Island / 人烟之岛 Chinese version
wiki [link]

I hope to bring some modern sci-fi style for this book. If someone has read it, would you like to tell me what you feeling of this Illustration? ~:)
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Comment is probably way to late....  Overall the impression from the picture is - futuristic - and TOO HIGH TECH  The impression I had from the book was of overall tech comparable to late WWII or shortly thereafter (with occasional tech far more advanced such as towers and mentoscopes (brain reading machines).

Likewise i am not too thrilled about characters high tech suit, one of the characteristics of the Noon World Universe is the physiological evolution of humans (admittedly based in technological advances) which Maxim in the Island highlights - deprived of all of his technology he is still a superior being to the locals - immune to radiation, diseases, mental attacks, incredibly strong and fast, very hard to kill, capable of relieving pain of others...

Then again perhaps the suit is necessary to highlight the character's inconsistency with the world around him, his alien nature... but then once again world has to be lower tech i think.  The situation is similar and in fact shares the same settings as Hard to be God (same Earth different alien planet where Earthlings attempt bootstrapping (pregression) )... only where Rumata is a god proper, Maxim is more of a fallen angel - stripped of most of his powers yet still capable of affecting the fates of the nations.

... btw, Is the flying machine just a random flying machine or is it the "Mountain Eagle" - the personal bomber of the Imperial Prince which Max gets to fly in the book?  It seems certain things match the books description - 6 propellers for instance, others things don't match at all... not certain though accurate and slaving replication of the books text is necessary or even good.
SharksDen Aug 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, for such a large amount of feedback information!
That is why I insisted ask a complete fiction since then, the plot summary is always ignored too much detail.
Never too late, perhaps the future Iwill receive the same series work;)
Well, to me it doesn't feel like 'Inhabited Island' at all... But this is your vision, of course.
SharksDen Jul 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Non-positive feedback is also necessary~:)
Brilliantly done! Now, the only proposal I have is that you make the sky look inverted, to give the feeling of being on the inside of a sphere like in the book.
However I have absolutely no clue how that can be done without messing up the picture.
So the picture is simply grand!
SharksDen Jan 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the advice.. though it can't be modified now.. has been printed:thanks:
Он как бы был брюнет. Про такой футуристический костюм он и не слыхивал, хотя в принципе костюм в тему!
SharksDen Jan 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Sorry.. by google translate I can't get you mind clearly.. principle suit?
I thought you were Russian))) I have written in the primary source Inhabited Island, the main character was a brunette!

How do you even know about the Soviet classics?
SharksDen Jan 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, I have got part of the translation to did illustration for the book, also I saw that new movie. The figure is not show a determined scene, but a synthesized scene:)
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